Today’s Quote

“Embrace your individuality:  The unexamined life is not worth living
because it is at best a pale imitation of life. So, examine your life. Devote
time and consideration to your motivations, decisions, and goals. Take hard
looks at them all. Actively engage in the process of self-definition. Make a
concerted effort in all things to assert and express yourself as an individual
rather than as a category or role.

Embrace the individuality of others: Do not refer to or treat others in a
generic fashion or in terms of a role or category. Everyone is a unique
individual, just as you are and thus offers you a singular experience in your
interaction with him or her. [An example from my own experience: Many
people have asked me how I deal with answering the same questions over
and over again on a daily basis. The answer is that I don’t – the questions are
not the same because they come from different people, each asking and
reacting in their own way and for the first time for them.] By sharing
expressions of your own self-definition and treating them as individuals you
can stand as an example to them and help them embrace their own

From my own experiences and observations I cannot overstate the
dramatic difference and changes that occur when people not only recognize
and embrace themselves as individuals but others as well. Regardless of
what anyone thinks of my choices and actions, there is real merit and value
in this approach for everyone.”

~Erik ‘The Lizardman’ Sprague, from Once More Through the Modified Looking Glass, pages 26-27


Today’s Song

Yet another beautiful person gone too soon.  I have fond memories of listening to much of Chris Cornell’s acoustical work while having my lower leg piece done on my right leg…during each 4-5 hr session (4 total sessions), my tattoo artist played Cornell’s music and it just went along so well with that time, what I was thinking and feeling, what I had been through up to that point.  RIP Chris.

Soundgarden – “Rusty Cage”