The Past 48 Hours

So, we are in the process of selling our house and finding a new place to live, primarily for financial reasons.  Monday evening, after my husband got home from work, we drove roughly an hour away to look at places with a realtor we are working with.  After looking at three places and driving to the fourth, my husband started mentioning he wasn’t feeling well… I was not feeling 100% myself, but attributed it to several nights running of little sleep.  Well, we arrived at the fourth location and he started saying he thinks he needs to throw up.  Now, mind you, in 22 years of being together, I think he has thrown up all of three times.  This is not something he does.  So, he stopped in the bathroom and I stepped out back with our agent.  My husband finally joined us and said he only dry-heaved, and he sat down on the concrete porch.  The three of us were chatting away, and all of a sudden my husband projectile vomited then fell backwards.  As I walked closer to him to make sure he was ok, I noticed his eyes were wide open, but rolled back, and he was choking on vomit.  I squatted and while still holding our baby tried rolling him, and watched as he became completely unresponsive.  I was yelling at this point – yelling at my husband, and yelling at the agent to help me roll him and call 911.  His body was very stiff and he kept wretching and was struggling to breathe.  I literally thought I was watching him die right in front of me.  I have never been so scared.  When he finally came to, he had absolutely no recollection of what had just happened and asked what was wrong, why was I yelling.  The EMT’s finally showed up and after they worked on him for a bit, we were off to the local ER where they ended up running tons of tests and could not figure out what was wrong.  His blood pressure was low and kept plummeting when they tried to sit him up or have him stand.  There was also something wrong on the multitude of EKG’s they kept repeating.  They ended up admitting him to the hospital, and around 1:30am, I had no choice but to head home since the baby was still up with us and we have an elderly dog I had to tend to.  Finally getting to bed around 3:00am, I was up again a few hours later to get ready to head back to the hospital.  By this point, I was starting to really feel like crap myself and was getting dizzy.  Again, I figured lack of sleep plus the extreme stress was the culprit.  Long story short, I actually ended up sick myself, and my husband was discharged early yesterday evening with the doctors still not 100% sure what was the cause of the previous night’s events.  He was still tachycardic upon discharge which was concerning to them since he is a runner, so there will be follow up appointments with the cardiologist who saw him in the hospital.  This now makes two major health scares with him in less than six months… I am thankful for now that he is at least back home and starting to feel better.


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