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Though she is just an infant, like most parents, I have hopes and dreams for my daughter.  I am trying my best to start saving for her education; we are even planning on relocating to be closer to better schools and healthcare, and to have more access to culture, diversity, the arts, and family friendly activities.  I want the best for her and for her life to be full and happy.  I want her to feel free to express herself and most importantly, to be herself.  I want her to not feel afraid letting the world know who she is in love with.  I want her to feel as though she has choices when it comes to her well-being and health.  I want her to know it is ok if she is unsure about her gender.  I want her to grow up respecting the planet and the plants, animals, and people living on it.  I want her to know we are all one in the same and to not let hate fester in her heart.  I want her to have the freedom to follow her personal spiritual journey.  I want her to be strong and independent, and to stand up for what she believes in.

As a side note – I know where I personally stand on political, social, and religious issues, and my intent is not to shove my feelings down someone else’s throat.  This is a free country, and with that, we have the freedom to have our own thoughts and feelings, ideas and choices.  However, I do find it deeply disturbing what is going on all over the world today.  I can’t sit back and pretend I am not bothered by reports of animal abuse, hate crimes and hate speech, different groups of people living in fear, and people passing judgement because someone goes against what they deem as ‘normal.’  At the end of the day, we all share this planet.  At the beginning of every day, we have an opportunity – an opportunity to do good, to care about others and not just ourselves, to actually learn and become educated about topics that make us uncomfortable, to realize we don’t know the struggles someone else is facing, and to simply be nice to one another.

~Lady Dom